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Industrial Water 
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Boiler Treatment

Boilers using untreated water can destroy a boiler and reduce efficiency. Untreated water can also lead to deposition and corrosion are two key problems that can negatively affect the boiler. This will reduce the reliability of a boiler, and can potentially lead to boiler failure. Industrial Water Management boiler water Treatment program combines equipment, chemicals, and field services to address these. By treating the boiler Industrial Water Management wants to provide its customers with the best possible water helping to reduce costs, and improve boiler efficiency.

Above is a photo of an improperly treated water tube boiler.  It failed, costing over $80,000 in repairs
The photo above shows a fire tube boiler that Industrial Water Management has been treating for 20+ years. 
If your boiler does not look like this it is time to contact Industrial Water Management to see how we can help!