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Industrial Water 
Management, Inc.
Remote Monitoring System 
Industrial Water Management offers customized remote monitoring and chemical feed systems. Every customer's water treatment needs are different and using Remote Monitoring will allow the best experience for our customer, as well as limit the work required by the building. 

Industrial Water Management offers partnered with other industry leaders in developing customized maintenance plans for towers of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we take pride in our ability to work with multiple water treatment services as well as HVAC service providers to construct the ideal team for each of our clients.
Custom Remote Chemical Treatment System
Our Custom Remote Chemical Treatment system makes continuous monitoring and control of cooling towers. With the system taking a reading every 15 minutes Industrial Water Management will always have an understanding of what your current water treatment needs and be able to adapt when necessary. 
Remote Monitoring Saves Customers MONEY
Based on a $20 worker this is the minimal cost savings a customer can expect:
Testing CostRemote Cost

Remote Monitoring Save Customer Time
Based on average time saved most customers can expect a minimum of this much time saved a year:
Testing HoursRemote Hours

Cloud Based Service and Compliance Reports
All service and compliance Reports conducted by Industrial Water Management are available 24/7 online to provide complete transparency for our customers. 

Providing customers with easy access to all service and compliance reports helps to keep the necessary documents organized and ready for inspection.
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