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New York City Local Law 77

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene enacted Local Law 77 in 2015 which set out rules and regulations for all Cooling Towers in New York City. Buildings must work with water treatment companies to follow these laws and maintain in compliance with the city. New York City inspectors are OUT AND INSPECTING. The time is now to make sure your building is in compliance in order to avoid FINES and COURT.

The following must be done to comply with Local Law 77:

  • Develop and implement a Cooling Tower Management & Maintenance Plan

  • Register cooling towers on the New York City Website

  • Weekly Routine inspections of Cooling Tower or remote monitoring

  • Weekly Bacteria Test

  • 3 times a weekly water quality testing

  • Legionella Testing every 90 days

  • Legionella Testing at start up

  • Two Cooling Tower Disinfections a year

  • Two Cooling Tower Cleanings a year

  • A maintenance plan for each cooling tower

  • Yearly Cooling Tower Certification

  • Maintain Records on site for 3 years

  • Along with many other tasks and responsibilities

How many Violations are there? How much are the fines? 
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