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Recieve a Cooling Tower Violation Deficiency Report?
Unsure what to do? 

Consult now with Industrial Water Management to avoid hefty fines and comply with Local Law 77. 

Recently Inspected? Not sure what to do next? Industrial Water Management can help! 

After your initial inspection, the NYC Department of Health with share an Inspection Summary Report (ISR).

The Inspection Summary Report is the initial report reflecting upon the preliminary compliance status for the 28 different violations that the city can give. This report is shared with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s compliance staff. The compliance staff will review the ISR and send out a Violation Deficiency Report (VDR).

The Violation Deficiency Report (VDR) provides detailed citations of alleged violations. Once the VDR has been reviewed, it is then time to respond to New York City. The city will request documentation to meet cure the violations.

After all, documentation has been uploaded it is now time to wait for a city response. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s office will let you know if you will need to pay fines or appear in court.

Following the Cooling Tower Regulations is difficult. Consult with Industrial Water Management today, to comply with the law and avoid future fines.

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